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Paul Franklin Dano was born in Wilton, Connecticut 19th June 1984. He has appeared in a number of Broadway productions, including Charles Dickensí "A Christmas Carol," in which he appeared as Scrooge at age 12 opposite both Roddy McDowall and Hal Linden. Other Broadway credits include Ragtime (Toronto World Premiere), Inherit the Wind, A Month In The Country and A Thousand Clowns at the Roundabout Theatre. Paul has made a couple of independent films, "The Newcomers" and "Animal Room." His television credits include "Smart Guy" and "Sense! Rainbow & The Dojo Kids." Danoís special interests are singing, guitar, snowboarding, biking, soccer, basketball, rollerblading and skate boarding.

Despite the hubbub around his performance in L.I.E. (L.A. Outfest2001 Grand Jury Award - Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film, BAM's New Festival Best Breakout Performance, Stockholm festival Best Actor award, Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance) and a follow-up role in Universal Picturesí The Palace Thief with Kevin Kline, Danoís true love, like any good teenager, is music. "I have a band (Cherry Revision, check their page and weíre going to play at New York Cityís Wetlands this summer, which is kind of cool for us," he says. "Most of it is acoustic rock with congas and bongos, lots of vocal harmonies with a reggae influence and Phish-type sound." And while the acting gigs will likely keep coming, Dano imagines more: He has just completed a five-week course in film directing at NYU.

As for his role in this quietly devastating film, Dano says, "Everything you do, every experience that you have, enlightens you a little bit or worsens you. L.I.E. was big for me. I think itís one of the best things Iíve been a part of in my life so far."

Taken from Official L.I.E Site & FCRant The Magazine September/October 2001

  • His favorite movies are: Fight Club, American History X (he likes Edward Norton) and he's seen MOULIN ROUGE and thought it was 'pretty good'.
  • On a typical Saturday he likes to drive his sister around (her name is Sarah and she's 14), go over to his friend's house and 'jam' in the basement, and just hang out and go out somewhere.
  • His house burned down 3 months ago from an electrical fire (nobody was at home at the time), and he's now living in a rental.
  • He checks his e-mail over his friends house because the computer at his house has a, quote, "slow-ass modem".
  • He's going to see his favorite band, PHISH up in Manchester, MA (near Boston) sometime in June or July 2002.
  • He likes the band GUSTER and went to one of their concerts, went backstage and went on their tour bus.
  • He's moving to New York when he gets out of school and is pursuing his music career - though he doesn't really care if his band, CHERRY REVISION, gets big or he becomes famous in music, as long as he's having a good time that's all that matters.
  • Graduated from high school on June 22, 2002.