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From the Premiere of "The Girl Next Door"

While promoting his role in the sexy comedy "The Girl Next Door," Paul Dano provided a little insight into one of his upcoming movies, "Rose and the Snake." Written and directed by Rebecca Miller, "Rose and the Snake" marks the first time Miller has worked with her husband, critically acclaimed actor Daniel Day-Lewis.

You recently finished filming ďRose and the Snake." Can you describe your experience working with Daniel-Day Lewis?
It was incredible. I mean, Daniel Day-Lewis and I were enemies in the movie. Iím the Ďsnakeí and his daughter Rose is the Ďrose.í You couldnít get any more opposite from the character I play in ["The Girl Next Door"] than the one I play in that. Iím the villain, the snake, sleazy and like this sexual creature. There were days when we wouldnít even look at each other until the end of the day because we were intense. I got into that; it was great. It would help me, too. You know, I look up to him. Before I even auditioned for the movie I did so it was incredible.

Is it hard to put that character aside?
Yes. Actually I found Iíve never gotten into a character that much because I donít think Iíve ever played not like me that much. My friends would tell me when I talked to them that I sounded different. I really do think the character invaded me a lot more than anything I have before. I think it was good, I think itís great for the movie. You know I got my hair cut for the film Ė my hair was real long Ė and all of a sudden I saw myself in the mirror and I was like, ďHoly shit.Ē

Is that a little scary?
Oh yeah, it is scary. Iím sure my girlfriend didnít appreciate it when I was away filming with this different character inside my head the whole time. Honestly, you want to do such a great job with those people, you are always thinking about it - and thatís another thing of why it was always in my head. And the costume was very not comfortable, real tight shirts that were cut off and tight jeans and white boots. While I was on set, that was me. I wasnít self-conscious at all. I let all my scrawniness [out].

I was in to it. It was a really great experience.

What film would you compare it to?
Oh wow. You know, I really donít know what Iíd compare it to. I just really think itís going to be a great drama. I think thereís some really great acting in it. I think the best thing for me, after a movie like [ďThe Girl Next DoorĒ] comes out, not only is the character an exact polar opposite, itís an exact opposite type of movie, too Ė and has a different audience, and difference press, and different everything. With a couple of other things that Iíve done recently Ė ďTaking LivesĒ is coming up and Iíve got a small part in that Ė and a couple of ďSopranosĒ episodes, one from last season and one this season, Iíve just kind of covered myself so that I can play all different types of characters.

This is my first time in a comedy and Iím not a comedic-type of actor. My first film was a drama and thatís what Iím used to. This is the first film a lot of people will see me in so theyíre going to think Iím this kind of actor. Hopefully theyíll like the other films.

Is there anything you want to progress to at this point? Any genre that really interests you?
Yeah, I want the keep growing and keep doing interesting, different characters. I donít think Iíll probably do another movie like this any time soon Ė at least for a while.

Because you might get typecast in teen comedies?
You do. Luckily Iíve got other stuff now that Iíve done. Iím doing more independent films. I really love the independent scene. Thatís how I got started. I did ďL.I.E.Ē and it went so great for me, I won the Independent Spirit Award and it won several other awards. It blew my mind and opened up [opportunities]. I didnít even know about independent films before that. It just opened up the whole world of it to me. You also do have to make a living at some point. But I donít really care, Iím only 19 and I donít really care about making a shitload of money yet.